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Low Grow Grass Mixture consists of cool and warm season grasses, which are low growing bunch type grasses. This mix is ideal for low maintenance areas where you want low growing grasses with the natural native prairiegrass look. Low Grow Grass Mixture is the perfect for outlying areas on acreages and confined spaces where shorter ornamental and native species are desired.

Contains: Blue Fine Fescue, Hard Fine Fescue, Sheep Fine Fescue, Blue Grama, Little Bluestem and Side-oats Grama

Seeding Information

Seeding Rate: 16-32 Lbs per Acre (1/2 to 1 Lb per 1,350 Sq. Ft.)

Seeding Dates: April – July Dormant Seeding: November - March

Germination Times: Fine Fescues – 7-14 Days Warm Season Grasses – 21-28 Days. PLEASE NOTE: Some levels of natural dormancy may be present in the native grass seed. Stratification, or a freeze/thaw cycle will be needed to break dormancy.

Seeding Method: Mechanical drill or broadcast (harrowed-in).

Low Grow Grass Mix United Tech-16.pdf