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At United Seeds, we select turfgrass varieties that score among the highest in the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program. We then mix and blend the best performing varieties to meet our objectives for quality and use. Just because a variety scores well in the trials does not mean that it will make it in our mixes and blends, because inherent quality is one thing, generic quality is another. Once we select varieties that have performed well in the NTEP trials, we insist that the seed be crop and weed free as well. This is where certified blue tag seed helps ensure we are getting the cleanest seed lots available. Even the best performing variety may not make it in our mixes and blends.

Click on a link below to find where our varieties rank. Varieties we often use in our mixes and blends are highlighted.

Kentucky Bluegrass         2006-2010 NORTH CENTRAL    2006-2010 SCHEDULE A-HIGH INPUT

                                                    2012-2013 NORTH CENTRAL

Perennial Ryegrass         2011-2013 NORTH CENTRAL    2012 GRAY LEAF SPOT RESISTANCE TRIALS

Turf Type Tall Fescue     2006-2011 NORTH CENTRAL     2012 NATIONWIDE QUALITY RATINGS

                                                   2006-2011 NORTHEAST USA TALL FESCUE OVERALL RATINGS

                                                   2006-2011 TRANSITION ZONE TALL FESCUE OVERALL RATINGS