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There are just some areas where a little attention is needed, where not just any seed will do. That is why we have created specialized mixes and blends that will perform to meet the needs for those tricky and hard-to-manage spots. We also custom mix to any specification you have.

Super Shade

Super Shade Fine Fescue Blend is your solution to that persistent shady spot in your yard! Formulated with fine fescues that prefer shady, low traffic and low maintenance areas, Super Shade will give that ground cover not possible with any other grass specie. Contains a mix of creeping red, sheep, hard, chewings and blue fine fescues.

The Boulevard Mixture adapts well to a wide range of roadside turf applications. These varieties are intended to work well in areas where road salts create challenging growing conditions.  The mixture contains varieties that work well in wet ditch bottoms as well as on drier shoulders.  Use Boulevard Mixture where ever you encounter sodic or alkaline soil conditions.

Vineyard Seed Mixture is an adaptable seed mix that provides a low maintenance turf for vineyard and orchard owners. The mix is drought tolerant, shade tolerant and not invasive. The low growth habit of these grasses reduces mowing demand. These grasses have less water and nutritional needs, therefore, less competition with the grapes or fruit trees. The hard fescues form a dense turf restricting weed growth and controlling erosion.

Do you need a special custom mixture? We offer the fastest service with the best varieties! Ten pounds, 100 pounds or even 100,000 pounds we are equipped to get the job done fast!