Low Grow Grass Mixture


Low Grow Grass Mixture provides low maintenance and aesthetic value to your property!

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Low Grow Grass Mixture consists of cool and warm season grasses, which are low growing (relative to tall native grass) bunch type grasses. This mix is ideal for low maintenance areas where you want low growing grasses with the natural native prairie-grass look. Low Grow Grass Mixture is the perfect for outlying areas on acreages and confined spaces where shorter ornamental and native species are desired. It provides season long interest and will be fully established in two to three years.

Botanical Name Common Name % of Mix
Bouteloua curtipendula Sideoats Grama 15%
Bouteloua gracilis Blue Grama 10%
Festuca longifolia Hard Fine Fescue 20%
Festuc ovina var. ovina Sheep Fine Fescue 20%
Festuca spp. Blue Fine Fescue 25%
Schizachyruim scoparium Little Bluestem 15%

Main Uses:

Conservation Areas, Parks, Acreages, Low Maintenance Areas, Waterways and Ditches

Seeding Rate:

New Seeding (bare ground): 32 LBs  per acre (Approx. 0.75 LBS per 1,000 SQ FT)

Seeding Dates:

March– June

November-February (dormant seeding)

Days to Germinate:

10-28 days as a Mixture

Full Establishment Times: 2-3 Years

Mature Height: 12-36″

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