Spyder LS Tall Fescue

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Make your neighbors green with envy with Spyder LS!

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A release from the Lateral Spread Technology™ program, Spyder LS has scored in the highest NTEP grouping for overall quality under medium fertility, traffic, and shade. Tops in density under drought, its aggressive behavior crowds out weeds.

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1 review for Spyder LS Tall Fescue

  1. Brian

    Bought this seed last year. For reference , I’m in New England in zone 6 where cool season grasses are the norm.The pictures are now of the grass after one full summer and this was taken in the spring the following year. Pretty dense growth and it has definitely filled in more from last year. Looks like the turf rolls you’d see coming from a turf farm but actually I think it looks better. Grows more slowly than the rest of my old fescue lawn but not tremendously so. Takes a beautiful cut from the mower, the grass really stands up straight since the blades are a bit thick and stiff but not uncomfortable under foot. The dark green color is amazing. The pictures show a estimated 8ft diameter area that I filled and leveled and seeded with this stuff. The color difference really stands out against my old fescue and it stays green. We’ve had nearly no rain in the past two weeks and this Spyder ls is still dark green compared to some dormancy taking over in my lawn where my old fescue is growing. Seems like it will be very drought tolerant.
    Hmm, I can’t figure out how to attach pictures. Too bad, it looks great. Suggestion to United seed is at allow reviewers to attach pictures.

    • Dan Strey

      Thank you, Brian for the feedback and review! Was wondering if you use facebook?, if so, could you post them on our page?? Thanks again, and we look forward to taking care of your grass seed needs in the future!

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