Super Shade Fine Fescue Blend


True fine fescue blend designed for low light and low maintenance applications.



Super Shade is a versatile blend of fine fescues. It performs admirably in medium to dense shade areas, however, will do very well in low maintenance environmentally sensitive areas. Areas include home lawns, parks, reclamation, roadsides, cemeteries, golf course roughs and commercial sites. Little to no maintenance is generally the key to enhancing fine fescue performance. Although Super Shade has superior low maintenance qualities, this blend is not traffic tolerant.




Chewings Fine Fescue, Creeping Red Fine Fescue, Hard Fine Fescue and Sheep Fine Fescue

Applications for Use:

Golf Course Roughs, Home Lawns, Parks, Cemeteries

Seeding Rates:

New Seeding (bare ground): 4-6LBS per 1,000 SQ FT

Over-Seeding (into existing): 2-3 LBS per 1,000 SQ FT

Seeding Dates:


August- October

December-February (dormant seeding)

Days to Germinate:

Fine Fescue– 10-14 Days


Color: Very Good

Density: Good

Shade Tolerance:  Excellent

Drought Tolerance: Very Good

Wear Tolerance:  Poor

Mowing Height:  Down to 2 inch cut

Leaf Texture: Fine

Rate of Establishment: Good


Additional information

Weight N/A
Fine Fescue Bags

5 LBS, 10 LBS, 25 LBS


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