T1 Creeping Bentgrass


The #1 darkest green bentgrass variety in the world.

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T-1 is the first of a new generation of creeping bentgrass, with qualities never before 
seen in golf turf

• “Championship greens without the championship maintenance” 
• “The Forgiving Bent” 
• Ball marks, divots heal rapidly 
• Dollar spot resistance equal to the best 
• Rich green color 
• Makes visible gains on Poa annua each year 
• Great on GREENS, TEES and FAIRWAYS! 


  • Tenacious ground coverage – The single biggest factor that sets  T-1 apart is ground coverage.  T-1 retains ground coverage under some incredibly tough growing conditions.
  • Aggressive against Poa – At Jacklin Seed, we test every single bent strain in our breeding program against Poa annua.  If it can’t hold up against Poa, we pitch it.  All of the plants that went into T-1 excelled at keeping Poa at bay.  In fact, they made visible gains against Poa every year.
  • T-1 is the “Forgiving Bent” – Unlike some earlier bents, T-1 was bred and optimized with the mid-budget golf course in mind.  T-1 provides tournament-quality golf for every golf course.
  • Breeding – Half of the breeding lines in T-1 from elite selections in the variety, Putter.  The other half of its parent germplasm originated from New England golf course collections.   T-1’s breeder block was assembled using clonal rows, similar to how Penncross and Putter were constructed.
  • Turf growth habit –  T-1 sets a new standard for bentgrass tiller density, providing a rich, luxurious putting surface.  Yet it is remarkably easy to manage.  Ordinary masonry sand can be used in topdressing mixes.
Seeding Rate: 2 Pounds Per 1,000 Sq Feet New Seeding_1 Pound Per 1,000 Sq Feet Over Seeding
Seeding Date: March-July, Late August - September
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