Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Our Purpose

To serve the customer with honesty and integrity and provide our customers with the highest performing products that are proven through research.

United Seeds is a truly historic business with roots extending back to 1887, founded as Nebraska Seed Company by Henry Windheim. The 1208 Jones Street location served the company until 1944 when it moved to its present location at 7500 Burlington in Ralston.

Our History

Nebraska Seed was purchased by John Nicolson of Shenandoah, Iowa, in the 1920’s. Nicolson had visions of becoming a leading international seed company and led Nebraska Seed to be a pioneer in hybrid corn seed as well as popcorn, alfalfas and a wide range of turf and field grass seeds. The company also controlled Henry Field Nurseries.

Nicolson’s grand vision was not a financial success, however, and Nebraska Seed had reduced its scope of operations at the time of his death in 1957. Shortly thereafter Arthur Berry, along with partners William and James Fitzgerald, purchased the turf and field seed operations of Nebraska Seed and renamed the company United Seeds.

United Seeds was to dramatically change again in the next decades. Through the 1950s and 1960s United Seeds remained one of the largest harvesters and sellers Kentucky bluegrass, which grew wild. The bluegrass harvest would begin in southern Missouri and proceed north until the roads ended in Canada. Production of top quality seed was soon to shift, however, to the ideal climate of the Pacific Northwest. Soon thereafter the production of nationally promoted (proprietary) varieties began.

Our Business Today

United Seeds adapted by changing into the business it is today, a regional wholesaler/distributor of turf grass, native grass, wetland seed, forage seed and wildflower seeds. A diverse customer base has grown and United Seeds opened a Des Moines warehouse and sales operation in 1993. The Berry family consolidated its ownership position in 1986 when Richard Berry returned to manage the company. Berry and partner John Jones, controls the business today. United Seeds has nine employees and serves a customer based of about 1,000.

United Seeds strives to provide the highest quality products. Our turf grasses are selected through proven research and out of the National Turf Evaluation Trials. We select blue tag variety turf grass varieties that are high quality, clean and fresh. Our focus is the customer, because if we cannot market the best possible seed, then our customers cannot grow best sod, present the best parks, play on the best fields or enjoy the best wildflowers.

We are looking toward the future as we grow and find better ways to promote the best seed the industry has to offer.

Better Research, Better Varieties

Better Research, Better Varieties

No doubt, the better the variety, the better performance and versatility. We select the best turf varieties for our mixes and blends.

United Seeds Mixes and Blends

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