Not Too Tall Wildflower Mixture


Not Too Tall Wildflower Mixture is the perfect height!

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United Seeds’ Not Too Tall Wildflower Mixture is comprised of approximately 18 annual and perennial wildflowers that will reach a maximum height of three feet or less. The species in the mixture will blend well with lower growing native grass species or even as 100% wildflower habitat. The extensive root systems of these wildflower species allow the mix to be extremely heat and drought tolerant. The mixture  is an ideal  habitat for all  types of pollinators. Species are subject to change.

Not Too Tall Wildflower Mixture is a highly versatile and adaptive wildflower mixture. The mixture can be integrated into existing vegetation such as native prairie grasses or seed as a mixture into bare ground. This mixture will require patience and understanding years 1-3 as native wildflower species are often slow to establish and highly responsive to climatic conditions.




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